How we handle your personal information.

Personal information and other details submitted by the user during an inquiry are used only for the purposes of answering the users query, and will be managed properly and strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
However, in order to provide support to answer an inquiry ZENRIN DataCom may provide such personal information as is necessary to an outsourcer in order to conduct its duties.
In the event that ZENRIN DataCom does not receive the necessary information from the user, we may not be able to respond to the request.

For inquiries regarding the privacy policy please contact:

Privacy Officer: Nobuyuki Suzuki, Director & Executive Officer
ZENRIN DataCom, Co. LTD.
Shinagawa Intercity Tower C 6F
2‐15‐3 Konan
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 108‐6206
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