News release

INFOTRACK TELEMATICS PTE LTD announced the release of "InfoTrack MOBILE,"


INFOTRACK TELEMATICS PTE LTD (Head Office: Singapore) announced the release of "InfoTrack MOBILE," its easy fleet management software solution for smartphones and PCs. This is the first service developed through the collaboration between INFOTRACK and its strategic Japanese partner, Zenrin DataCom. InfoTrack Mobile allows its user to track and manage the entire operations of its employees (or vehicles) to increase work efficiency without the need of purchasing a GPS device. This service not only tracks your field staff or officer's location in real-time, but it also shows the current status of the field staff, sends voice messages from PC to smartphone, creates daily reports of workers, and much more.

Overview of InfoTrack MOBILE

  • Fleet / employee management system that requires ONLY a smartphone or PC.
  • No device installation and no wiring = lowest initial investment.
  • Since this service uses smartphones, you will be able to track and manage your field staff outside of their vehicle. For example, you will know when and who your staff went to see today.
  • Management (PC) can easily send a voice message to an employee’s smartphone anytime.
  • Management (PC) can also create a daily report of staff with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • We recommend this easy solution for logistics companies, security corporations, or any other business with field staff on the road.