JAPAN MAP -by いつもNAVI- This is a multiple languages map service for those who visit Japan or are interested in Japan. 日本を訪れる方や日本に興味がある海外の方向けの多言語地図サービスです。

  • 日本全国の地図と施設情報が5ヶ国語に対応しています。
  • The map of entire Japan and facility information are available in 5 languages.
  • 用5鐘語言提供日本全國地圖和設施信息。
  • 用5钟语言提供日本全国地图和场馆信息。
  • 일본 전국 지도와 시설 정보를 5 개국어로 지원하고 있습니다.

Supports Apple Watch!

  • Search for nearby convenience stores or cafes on Apple Watch, which displays the distance and arrows pointing to the destination.
  • Tap the map on Apple Watch to send your current location to iPhone apps's push notification.
  • Check out the brand new map with easy-to-read English and Japanese description, side-by-side.

Beautiful Maps

Zenrin is our parent company, which is the most famous company of maps in Japan. Based on their beautiful maps.

Easy To Use

We will provide this easy-to-use map application for foreigners. At a glance, you can find the locations thanks to the symbol marks such as temples, shrines, and sightseeing spots.

Bunch of Locations

About 400,000 locations information are available; if you would like to find a station, it is easy to find out using categories search for locations.
[ Categories ] Car and Drive, Leisure, Hotel, Shopping, Hospital & Government office, Financial institution, Cultural facilities, Restaurant, School.

Maps In Japanese

It is also available to display maps in Japanese, so that you can enjoy comparing maps in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional Chinese), and Korean.


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  • To use this app, please connect internet with WiFi or 3G/4G network.